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Safety Vests

At Work Zone Apparel & Promotions, we make it easy to keep your employees seen and safe! We have a wide range of products, from non-ANSI high visibility vests to ANSI Class 3 jackets or parkas for use in high-risk environments . If you're not sure what kind of vest you need, just consult the following table:
If your employees: They should wear: Like this:
Work in unregulated areas not involving vehicle traffic
Need to be visible to other workers
A Non-ANSI High Visibility Vest
Are well separated from traffic
Work near traffic at speeds of less than 25 MPH
Are in a warehouse or parking lot type environment
A Class 1 ANSI Vest
Are on or near roadways
Are near traffic speeds from 25 to 50 MPH
Are near higher traffic levels/more congestion than Class 1
Are in urban/suburban areas like road construction, survey or utility crews, traffic/police workers, EMS workers, school crossing guards, railway workers, or airport ground crews.
A Class 2 ANSI Vest
Need the highest level of protection and visibility with a wide range of motion and to be visible from at least 1,280 feet away
Are in or near traffic at speeds of more than 50 MPH
Are working on highways or freeways, including road construction and maintenance, survey or utility crews, EMS/law enforcement workers, or railway workers.
A Class 3 ANSI Shirt or Jacket

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